Trees Sorbus berries panoramaTrees Sorbus berries panorama
Sorbus berries from Autumn & Winter

Trees for Scotland  Glendoick Garden Centre Ornamental Tree Listing Autumn 2022

Trees for Scotland. For more information See Kenneth Cox's books Garden Plants for Scotland and Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland.

New season's tree are now in stock. Autumn is the ideal time for establishing trees. 


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Ken Cox talks fruit trees



Ornamental Trees  Spring-Autumn 2022


Trees for Scotland

Glendoick only stock trees which do well in Scotland. We dont pretend that Acacia... Magnolia grandiflora, peaches and nectaries will do well... we want you to succeed with your investments. 

Maple - Acer

Japanese maples, (Acer palmatum) Huge range in stock  £19.99 to 29.99  great autumn colour


Acer palmatum 5Ltr £39.99

Acer davidii 5 litre 39 1
Acer pla Crimson King 12L 69 4

Amelanchier lamarkii 5Ltr £39.99

Amelanchier aln Obelisk® 12L £69.00   SOLD OUT
Amelanchier lae Snowflakes 12L £69.00


amazing bark

Trees Betula jaquemontii bark RGBE

Betula alba pendula 12L £65.00
Betula pen Tristis 12L £69.00
Betula pen Youngii 12L £69.00

Betula pend Purpurea 5Ltr £39.99
Betula pendula 5Ltr £39.99
Betula utilis Jacquemontii 5Ltr £39.99

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 12L £69.00

Cornus kousa 5Ltr £39.99

Cotoneaster   berries in winter

Cotoneaster cornubia 5 litre 39.99 5
Cotoneaster fri Cornubia 12L container 55 1
Cotoneaster Hybridus Pendulus 12L 55 1
Cotoneaster sal Exburiensis Patio TW at 85cm 12L container 55 2Hawthorn  

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 12L 69 1

Crataegus laevigata (hawthorn) H5 Size 4-8m Masses of tiny white, pink or red flowers in late May. Some forms have haws (fruit) in Autumn.  Tolerant of most soils and conditions: wind, seaside, heavy soils.

Crataegus lae Crimson Cloud 12L 69 2
Crataegus lae Pauls Scarlet 12L 69 1

Decaisnea Fargesii - "Blue Bean Shrub" 12L 49 1


Fagus sylvatica (beech) H5  Size 3-10m Long lived giants but can be pruned and shaped and for small gardens the Fastigiate (Dawyck) forms make narrow columns. Copper forms have purple leaves.

Fagus sylvatica 12L container 55 1
Fagus sylvatica Dawyck 5 litre 39 2


Laburnum ana Yellow Rocket® 12L £79.00


Magnolia Yellow Lanterns 5-7.5l     £33.95  vigorous excellent yellow

Magnolia Star Wars 5-7.5l   £33.95   best giant pink

Magnolia Genie   compact, slow, dark purple fls.

Magnolia Daphne   the darkest yellow, slow growing.

Magnolia lob Merrill 5Ltr £39.99   spectacular star-shaped white fls.

Malus (Crab Apple)

Trees Malus Harry baker

H5 7-10m. Both ornamental and edible varieties (for making Jelly). Fine medium-sized trees with attractive flowers in early summer and fruit in autumn.

Malus Aros® 12L 69 4
Malus Butterball 12L 69 6
Malus Cardinal 12L 69 2
Malus Golden Hornet 69 2
Malus Gorgeous 12L 69 3
Malus Jelly King 69 2
Malus Red Obelisk® 69 2
Malus Scarlett® 69 2

Prunus (Flowering Cherry)

H4-H5 4-6m or more. Bursts of spectacular colour in spring. Best in well-drained but not dry soil. P. serrula has fine bark.

Prunus Accolade 12L 69 3
Prunus cera. Nigra 5 litre 39.99 5
Prunus Chocolate Ice (Matusmae fuki) 12L 69 3
Prunus Kanzan 12L container 57 2
Prunus Kobuku-zakura POWDER PUFF 69 6
Prunus pen Pendula Rubra 69 3
Prunus Shirotae 12L 69 4
Prunus Snow Showers 12L 69 3
Prunus Tai Haku 5 litre 39.99 3
Prunus Tai-haku 12L 69 2
Prunus x sub Autumnalis 12L 69 1
Pyrus sal Pendula 12L 69 4

Quercus robur 12L 69 3   OAK

Willows - Salix

Useful for damp, heavy, clay soils. Some can get very large and best not sited near walls and houses as the roots can interfere with foundations and drains.

We have multi-stem willows in stock winter 2022-23

Salix alb Tristis 12L container 69 2

  • H5 5-10m. Excellent small garden trees. Berries in many colours last for weeks or months in autumn-winter. Some have fine autumn colour and most are tolerant of wind. Some of the best are: S. acuparia (our native Rowan) 4-6m+, red berries, ‘Joseph Rock’ 4-7m, yellow berries. 

     Trees Sorbus berries panorama

    Sorbus aucuparia 7l 39.99 5
    Sorbus Glendoick® Spire 12L 69 2
    Sorbus hup Pink Pagoda 12L 69 2
    Sorbus hupehensis 12L 69 3
    Sorbus Joseph Rock 12L 69 2
    Sorbus Joseph Rock 12L 69 2
    Sorbus vilmorinii 12L 69 2

LIME  (Tilia)

For spectcular leaves, colour, very tough deciduous trees.

  • Tilia cor Winter Orange 12L £69.00
    Tilia eur Wratislaviensis (Golden) 12L £69.00
    Tilia hen Arnolds Select 12L £69.00

    ELM Golden, DED resistent.

  • Ulmus Sapporo Gold 5Ltr £39.99

From Glendoick's 100 best plants for Scotland Leaflet. Available from Glendoick Garden Centre.

Ornamental Trees: 

  • Trees are an investment and they can last for generations.  They are mostly sold as 3-4 year old trees 2-3m in size. These have fully formed trunks and should be suitable for most gardens. Most trees need staking when young and careful soil preparation and watering in dry weather till they are established.
  • For small gardens choose trees such as those listed below with interest for months of the year: coloured leaves, flowers, berries or bark.
  • Height range given is approximate size after 10-20 years.



What's so good about trees?  

1. Trees clean the air & provide oxygen

Trees absorb CO2, removing and storing the carbon while releasing the oxygen back into the air. In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced when you drive your car 26,000 miles.In one year an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people.

2. Trees help prevent water pollution & erosion

Trees reduce runoff by breaking rainfall. Trees act like a sponge that filters this water. On hillsides or stream slopes, trees slow runoff and hold soil in place.

3. Fruit Trees can provide food for people and animals

An apple tree can yield up to 100s fruit per year and can be planted in the tiniest garden urban lot. Aside from fruit for humans, trees provide food for birds and wildlife.

4. Trees provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife

Sycamore and oak are among the many urban species that provide excellent urban homes for birds, bees, possums and squirrels.

5. Trees block things like ugly buildings and neighbours

Trees can mask concrete walls or parking lots, and unsightly views. They muffle sound from nearby streets and freeways, and create an eye-soothing canopy of green. Trees absorb dust and wind and reduce glare.

6. Trees increase property values

The beauty of a well-planted property and its surrounding street and neighborhood can raise property values by as much as 15 percent.

7. Trees make you feel good! Everyone Loves Trees

Trees and woodland have been shown to add to welbeing and to calm people in the face of life's stresses.

8. Trees can be planted to mark any occasion.

Births, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Retirement

Trees Prunus Tai Haku (1)


When To Plant Trees. (c Frank Matthews)

Container trees can be planted at any time of the year, but establish best when planted during the autumn.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend autumn planting.

•In autumn, trees have stopped putting their energy into producing leaves, flowers, and fruit so they can concentrate on developing better roots
•Soil temperature and moisture levels are usually just right for promoting root growth which helps the tree to establish
•Autumn planting lessens transplant shock which allows the tree to settle into its new home more readily
•Trees planted in autumn will have developed a good root system by the time they start growing again in spring
•There is less need to water trees planted in autumn as there is more natural rainfall and the ground is usually consistently moist
•As well as stronger growth in spring, trees planted in autumn will need less watering the following summer as they will have a more established root system
•There are fewer potential pest and disease problems to deal with in autumn and winter

Tree planting is also recommended in February, March and April. If you plant from May to August you will neeed to water the tree regularly and not allow it to dry out at any time.


Fruit Trees and Bushes

Fruit Trees and Bushes


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