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New For Families : Soft Play Has Arrived

THE SOFT PLAY AREA IS OPEN! 9.00am - 4.30pm (10.30am on Tuesday) (10am on Sunday in winter months).

Glendoick Indoor Soft Play is here - and it's free to use for all Glendoick customers!

The fantastic Wee Squirrels Play Zone is situated in the conservatory cafe area and is suitable for babies up to 2 years old and children from 2 to 8 years. Think happy, entertained children climbing, building, sliding and running free with imagination and fun - the ideal place to keep little ones amused while you enjoy a coffee, lunch or catch up with friends. 

So How Did We Do It?

Careful consideration has been taken to offer a variety of equipment, all of which has been selected to challenge the children, whatever their age, in as many ways as possible. Balancing, sliding, crawling and climbing. The layout of the equipment encourages both physical and imaginative play and promotes a flow of children around, through, under and over the various obstacles.

Well, we know - because we're parents ourselves - that it's only natural to want full details of any new environment your children are engaging in.  Our handy descriptor below will allow parents, grandparents and carers to find out more about the latest Glendoick offering for our youngest customers.

First Level Soft Play - Up To 2 Years Old

Engaging your little one in fun play from an early age is a great way to encourage social skills. Our younger play area incorporates a rocker and softplay shapes and caters for two babies up to 2 years old. 

The front of the baby area is enclosed by a low soft wall, which not only helps to keep both children and equipment inside the area but also act as a seat for parents and carers to sit on as they interact with their children.

The top of the low soft wall incorporates three tactile play panels designed to help children explore their sense of touch. The side and rear walls are fitted with a wall pad incorporating six fiddly fastenings to help the children develop their finger dexterity. 

The centrepiece of the younger soft play area is the themed rocker which provides hours of imaginary fun. The rest of the area is made up of a selection of softplay shapes to encourage climbing, building and clambouring around! These shapes include three lettered cubes, which will help them to learn to spell simple words, and two dice to help them with their numeracy skills.

Main Play Frame for Two to Eight Year Olds

The main play frame has been designed to cater for a further thirteen children from 2 to 8 years old.

There are two entrances into the main play frame giving the children a choice of which activity they want to tackle first!

Inside the area they will find a wedge squeeze to clamber through, a wavy walk to weave in and out of and a set of hanging snakes to push past! Fun all round!

There are also two ways up to the upper level: the angled log climb, which everyone can use or the tricky zig zag padded climb for the older, more agile children.

On the upper level the children will find two net crawls to scramble across where they can look down through the safety netting to see their friends below. There is also a crawl tube with a window in the middle where they can stop to look out and wave to their parents and carers in the seating area.

The access to the top of the open spiral slide is also on this level. The children can use the open spiral slide to spin them - you will hear much of the laughing and screaming coming from this direction - back down to the padded floor on the ground level.



  • 2 zones for different age groups
  • Toddler Ride On Rocker
  • Space for parents to interact with younger children
  • Building and Climbing Blocks
  • Older Kids' Slide
  • Wavy Walks and Hanging Snakes!
  • Views To The Cafe - Spot Parents and Carers!


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Please note that the soft play opens at 10.30am on a Tuesday morning to allow for deep cleaning. (And at 10am on a Sunday during the winter months).

Glendoick Play is free for all children to use when their parents or carers are eating or drinking in Glendoick Cafe. Please help us to keep this going: we do not allow food from outwith our cafe to be eaten in the area, with the exception of babies and toddlers lunches. 


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