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Seeds of Adventure

Seeds of Adventure

By Peter Cox & Peter Hutchison 

448 pages, 700 colour photographs

2008 UK Inspirational Gardening Book of the Year. Garden Media Awards

This lavishly illustrated book is the story of the extensive travels made by Peter Cox and Peter Hutchison in search of plants from 1961 to 2005. Sixteen journeys - often arduous, sometimes dangerous and occasionally funny -in search of plants of the Himalaya and the high peaks of Western China, Tibet and Turkey. They explored territory where no western plant hunters had been since the great explorers such as Frank Kingdon Ward and some of the trails were so remote and rough that they had never before been botanised. They have introduced a host of plants, especially rhododendrons, new, rare or lost to cultivation, to grace the gardens of Europe and North America and, in some cases, by collecting them, they have ensured the survival of plants threatened in the wild.

For more details on Cox & Hutchison Plant Hunting expeditions and plants introduced, please click here

Cox & Hutchison Expeditions covered in Seeds of Adventure

1962 N.E. Turkey
1965 Arunachal Pradesh (N.E.F.A.), India. Discovered 3 new species of rhododendron and introduced several other new plants 
1981 Sino British Expedition to China- N.E. Yunnan 1981 with Roy Lancaster, etc 
1985 Nepal 
1986 Yunnan, (Lijiang) Sichuan, China. 
1988 Bhutan 
1989 China, (Sichuan) 
1990 China (Sichuan U.K.-U.S.A. trip) 
1992 Sino Scottish Expedition to N.Yunnan (Chungtien, Bei Ma Shan) 
1993 Yunnan China, Salween-Mekong divide 
1994 Salween Mekong divide (Spring), Yunnan 
1995 S.C. Sichuan and N.E. & S.E. Yunnan. 
1996 S.E. Tibet, Tsangpo Gorges, Pemako, Namche Barwa (with Kenneth Cox) 
1996 S. Chile with Patricia Cox 
1997 Salween, Yunnan, China 
1999 Sichuan & Guizhou, China 
2000 Salween, Yunnan, China 
2002 Arunachal Pradesh (with Kenneth Cox) 
2005 Arunachal Pradesh


2008 Gardening Inspirational Book of the Year

Seeds of Adventure by Peter Cox & Peter Hutchison, published by Antique Collecters/Garden Art Press

This book was awarded Garden Media Guild Inspirational Book of the Year 2008

The judges commented:

'Even someone who couldn’t care two hoots about rhododendrons would be gripped by the sheer bloody mindedness of these two as they suffered awkward locals, ticks the size of pennies, food poisoning, sodden tents and numerous travel headaches in their good-humoured quest. The anecdotes are delightful, the photographs of plants, people and views are breathtaking. What an inspiration to us all.'