Frank Kingdon Ward's Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges

Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges is perhaps the best plant hunting book ever written. Out of print for over 60 years, it is now available in a lavish new edition. Kenneth Cox and Ken Storm jr have followed in KW's footsteps and penetrated even further into the magical Tibetan mountains and valleys. This is a ravishing combination of 1920s British Adventure and stunning modern day colour photography. 

Original Text from Frank Kingdon Ward’s 1925 Plant Hunting classic. Edited by Kenneth Cox with new chapters by Kenneth Cox, Kenneth Storm jr and Ian Baker.

Several hundred colour and black & white photographs from original expeditions and from the 3 present day authors' 8 expeditions to the Tsangpo Gorges region.

The 2nd Edition Spring 2008 includes a new chapter covering conservation issues such as the vanishing tiger species as well as controversial Chinese and Indian plans for dams on the Tsangpo/Siang.

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Reviews of Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges

‘The value of the text is increased tenfold by the generous illustrations. So reluctant was I to finish the book that I rationed myself to a few pages a night; I can offer no greater praise than this.’ Roy Lancaster,
 Gardens Illustrated

‘The appeal of the book lies as much in Ward’s prose as in the thrilling story of exploration and discovery. He was a fine writer and it is a cause for celebration that one of his best books now again available after a gap of 70 years.’
Ursula Buchan The Independent 

‘What is quite extraordinary about this region is the way in which landscape, plants, people and the sense of the religious fuse… It is hard to imagine that anyone could be disappointed in this book.’ Malcolm MacGregor Journal of the Scottish Rock Garden Club

‘This new edition of the Tsangpo Gorges…. where the original black and white photographs are supplemented by stunning colour plates…. its not cheap but it’s worth it. A strong buy!’
(Featured in ‘Best Reads of 2001) Dermot Kehoe The Irish Garden 

‘There’s no doubt that such an elegant and exciting new book richly deserves a new readership…. the story behind its reissue is no less gripping than Kingdon Ward’s own narrative.’
Ambra Edwards Gardening Which

Frank Kingdon Ward’s Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges

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