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1000 of the best plants for Scotland on sale at Glendoick.

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How to grow rhododendrons & azaleas

Rhododendrons and Azaleas: how to grow, what they need and how to keep them healthy

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Plant Guarantee


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Our plant area team at Glendoick sell only the best plants for Scottish Conditions. We've been selling plants at our garden centre since 1973 and growing plants at Glendoick since 1953.

Kenneth Cox's books Garden Plants for Scotland and Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland are based on years of research and interviews with Scotland's top growers. 

Whether you have a windy seaside garden, an cold inland garden or a small plot in the clay soils of the Carse of Gowrie, we can give you the ideal list of plants to make your garden beautiful


  • Seeds, bulbs, chemical, pots and all the garden sundries you could need to plant, feed and look after your plants.

 Information on Choosing Plants for Scotland

  • 100 Best Plants for Scotland 16 page Leaflet  (By Kenneth Cox, free at Glendoick)
  • Kenneth Cox's books on Scottish Plants, Gardens and Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland.
  • Advice Sheets on choosing Plants: soils , Rabbits and Deer and many more available in store.



Scottish Plants, plant miles and local growers

Glendoick follow the philosophy that we should sell Scottish Plants whenever they are available. Some of the many examples of Glendoick's Scottish grown plants include.

  • The UK's largest selection of Rhododendrons and Azaleas grown on site at Glendoick
  • Bedding Plants from Gary Young, less than 3 miles from Glendoick. You cant get fresher than that.
  • Meconopsis from Inverary, Argyll.
  • Shrubs and Perennials from Peter Milne Wholesale Nurseries, Glendoick.
  • Heathers from local growers
  • Alpines and Perennials from Highland Lilliums, near Inverness.

And if we have to go south of the border, we go for suppliers in the North: trees and shrubs from Yorkshire, bedding, herbs and vegetable plants from Cumbria.

Where do Dobbies, B&Q, Homebase get their plants? And why should you beware of their provenenace?

You wont find any plants grown in Scotland on sale at Homebase, B&Q or Dobbies. They buy them all in from many miles away and they are transported in large lorries from as far as Italy. Indeed you wont find many British Plants at the Garden Centre and DIY chains, as most of them are imported. Why does this matter? 'Plant Miles' matter. And plants grown in Scotland are in tune with the seasons: ready to be planted out in Scottish Conditions. Dobbies used to be independent and used to support Scottish horticulture. Since Tesco took over, things have changed.  Many Scottish wholesale nurseries have gone bust because they cant sell into Dobbies and other chains of garden centres.

So why does this matter?

  • 1. Why bring plants 1000s of miles when they can perfectly well be grown locally? it wastes energy, causes pollution.
  • 2. The practices of the chains has destroyed over 50% of the Scottish horticultural industry. For example 25 years ago there were 7 Scottish rose growers. Now there's only 1. We can grow plants really well in Scotland. We have plenty of land, plenty of water and great skills. 
  • 2. When you bring a plant in from Spain or Italy or from a tunnel house in southern England, its growth in Spring is far further advance than it would be in Scoland: up to two months. Herbs grown in Itaily are commonly sold in chains of garden centres as early as February. I have seen them killed stone dead.

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