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For rhododendrons & azaleas mail order UK wide click here

Glendoick Mail Order - Buy Rhododendrons & Azaleas  Oct 2023-Spring 2024

Glendoick Mail Order is finished for Spring 2023. All remaining stock is now at our garden centre for collection only.

Mail Order is now open for ordering for October 2023-March 2024 

Buying Rhododendrons and azaleas Glendoick Gardens Ltd Mail Order

  • Rhododendrons, azaleas, camelias, hydrangea and other woodland plants
  • 500 varieties propagated, 100% grown on site at Glendoick
  • Mail order operates from 1st October to end of March when plants are dormant.
  • MAIL ORDER MINIMUM £120 ex vat for delivery October to end of March.

  • We deliver to UK & Northern Ireland. S Ireland and Norway
  • Until the UK rejoins the single market, we will be unable to export to Europe.

To place an order for Autumn 2023-Spring 2024, please visit our webshop.


Orders for Collection from the nursery (min £50 ex vat)

October to March

If you need plants outside this period you may be be able to get them at the garden centre which carries the most popular varieties but not so many of the rarer and more challenging-to-grow varieties. (gardencentre@glendoick.com)

Group Orders. We often deliver plants to groups of gardeners, rhododendron societies who wish to club together to place orders, invoiced to and delivered to one address. With group orders the individual customer name can be used on the labels to make sorting easier and we can also provide an invoice broken down by customer. We just ask that the invoice is paid as a whole.

Group ordering is enabled on the webshop at payment stage so you can select the relevant society or organisation.

Glendoick Gardens Ltd, Glendoick, Perth PH2 7NS, Scotland.

E: orders@glendoick.com  


Postage and packing  Starting at £21 per box ex VAT for up to 30 kilos (UK mainland). 30 kilos allows 10-30 plants depending on the size. There are surcharges for Highland and Island delivery and N. Ireland.


Small orders for Collection

If you only require 1-2 plants please e mail the garden centre. If the plants are in containers, they can assemble them for collection at any time of year.

The garden centre is open 7 days a week. E mail gardencentre@glendoick.com with your requirements. Please note that the garden centre does not carry the full nursery range and some items sell out.

Glendoick Open Ground Production: bare root stock.

Glendoick is unusual for the UK in that we have resisted the temptation to change from field to container production of rhododendrons. Bucking the current trend to grow everything in containers, we still grow more than 80% of rhododendrons and azaleas outside in nursery beds where they form large and vigorous root systems and good plant habit. We are convinced that better and more easily-established plants are produced by open ground production methods and many species cannot be produced in containers at all. We only sell plants mail order when dormant. October to end of March.

For EU delivery we are no longer allowed to send plants grown in soil. We have grown a large range of plants in peat and bark compost to allow us to export. We are awaiting confirmation from Plant Health if we are able to export or not.





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